5 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

5 Most common digital marketing mistakes

We are living in a world full of technological interventions, and in different ways, digital marketing has helped many businesses flourish and have left behind the traditional channels. In this era, people turn to the internet to find each and every answer to the question they have.

In such circumstances, companies are integrating digital marketing to make themselves visible in this online world. Without being known, the company is as invisible as the smallest pebble in the water.

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5 Outdoor Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

5 Outdoor Marketing Strategies

When we talk about outdoor marketing strategies, usually we come across words like outdated, old and less effective advertising. It is not true, and people need to change their mind. No form of marketing can determine the success level of any company.

All depends on how much effective the campaign is, be it, outdoor or the latest form of marketing; it needs to be very useful and persuasive.  In Pakistan, Outdoor marketing is ubiquitous and successful as most of the people find billboards catching.

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Top 5 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics Tools for Businesses

Top 5 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics

This is an era of social media, and it is evident from its ever-growing usage and ever-increasing social apps. After witnessing their advantages, many companies are adopting social media to market their businesses. Social media paid to advertise is also very common nowadays, and people are spending their hours on it, in order to gain maximum out of it.

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Why Advertising Video Campaigns are more Effective

video advertisement

This world is relying on Digital Marketing, but the question arises which form of Digital Marketing is more effective. Nowadays, people think that digital marketing is all about content: its marketing and organic search through SEO. No doubt, with this strategy company, brings a lot of traffic but playing with the traffic is far lost somewhere.

The most famous content marketers are using digital marketing services and techniques to attract people towards itself.  So let’s accept that the overall landscape is changing when it comes to digital marketing. The most powerful way of carrying on effective Digital Marketing is possible through Video campaign.

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