SEO is one of the main pillars of digital marketing helping many companies to have a digital Appearance. Being a part of this industry, it is my responsibility to let people know the emerging SEO trends in the simplest way. By understanding the latest search engine optimization trends, a business can easily flourish by incorporating it into strategies.

Latest SEO Trends Driving the Market in Year 2019

With every passing time, the SEO is getting more intelligent, and people are taking more advantage by implementing incorrectly.

While the main pillars of SEO, i.e. marvelous website, perfect content, and awesome business remain the same, however, new trends and SEO strategies of 2019 are leading to Google’s increasing preference for website value speed, security, and usability. In order to deliver optimized search results this time, Google has made changes regarding mobile responsiveness and website speed. We will have a look at best practices and SEO trends of the Year 2019.

  • Mobile-First Indexing:

The mobile ranking is an evergreen trend and keeping in view its popularity; Google is still making much effort with the mobile version of your website to make the website ranking and indexing better.

If you do not have a mobile version of your website, don’t worry, as Google still looks at your desktop version to rank your page. But there is a disadvantage: users with mobile will not be able to view your page leading in less traffic. Using a responsive website will save the issue to bits.

  • Featured Snippets Ranking

Feature snippets ranking is undoubtedly going to make its way in SEO trends 2019 as it appears on the top of the page.

So many would be thinking how to rank content in featured snippets? It’s easy; all you need to do is to write high quality and engaging content while choosing the right keywords.

Keyword research is also an important part of SEO as no website can perform well without the use of well suited and trending keywords.

Try to keep your featured snippets short and use brief paragraphs when providing answers.

To get good results, you should hire an agency providing SEO services which will help you to rank your website on the top and drive 80% traffic to your website.

  • High-Quality Content will always remain in Fashion:

When it comes to website ranking, high-quality content is far more important. Google made a research to find out sites with low enterprise, authoritative and trustworthiness.

Around 300 websites including health and medical sites, were found to be a defaulter. So, Now Google keeps the drill to find out the sites serving high-quality content. If not you will be ranked on 4, 5 or 6th page.

  • Voice search Optimization:

This is a new trend but taking over the SEO by a storm. Getting more popular day by day, many people are utilizing their mobile devices by using voice search and google assistant is one such example.

According to Google research, 55 percent of adult and 41 percent of teens use voice search every day.

So these stats clearly show how much voice search optimization is important for your content to show up. So it is high time to shift to voice search optimization.

  • Rankbrain: machine learning

It is one of the primary trends in 2019. It is an advanced search signal that interprets complex multi-word queries and translates them. So in easy words, Google is using machine learning to search its users on the web. In this way, it can collect much information and detect a pattern in unconnected searches.

Future of SEO lies in the adoption of these trends. Moreover, one thing which is not mentioned above is link building and backlinks through guest posts also help a website to rank on the top-notch position of Google Search.

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